Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Back

Well, before a whole year is offically here I thought I would get bloggin' again.

And the only ones that will know are the faithful few who are still checkin'......ok the 1 that hung in there. (Thanks Nana)

I will post pictures of some of the renos that have happened since I was here last, next time, but today is the story of "The Thief"

For those of you that really know me, know that I so dislike shopping, and its not that I don't like to have things, I do, but I just like to stay home more.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon (just-about 11:39, oh wait I didn't turn the clock ahead) at 12:39 and I had spent an hour pushing my shopping cart through the crowded isles of The Great Canadian Super Store (another reason to have stayed home--but there really was no food and we both needed lunches for work the next day)

It took me a very long time to find the cocoa powder, and yes I had been up and down the baking isle before asking a young man to help me out (I was not going home without it) So this young man takes me back up the baking isle and "oh here it is mam". Did I mention that this young man was 6 feet tall and that the cocoa powder was on the very top shelf.....(who even looks up that far)

So I get into the checkout and see an acquaintance and we end up talking for a very long time and then off we go to our own vehicles to head home.

I get to the truck and press that wonderful little button to unlock the doors and I put the 4 green boxes and 2 bags of groceries into the back seat of the truck (the seats fold up and make lots of floor space) and then go off pushing my cart merrily to its shopping cart garage, and just as I get there I think, "I don't think I locked the truck" (and I usually always do) so I push the buttom to lock "twice" because I'm not that close and I wanted to hear the horn honk. Well I didn't hear the horn honk but I did see the tail light flash and so as I got to the truck I push the button again to unlock it, get in and head home to unload the groceries and make some lunch. (soup and grilled cheese...I had just bought cheese , soup and bread).

Now there is a standing joke between Jime and I, and that is he will be on the computer and because we do online banking he can tell what I've spent and where before I even get home. So I back up the driveway (like a pro) in the truck and Jime comes out to help take in the grub and says to me, "if you had spent 7 more dollars then you would have gotten the free $25 gift card you get when you spend $250.00".Ha ha!!!! (I never even paid attention really, although I did think I was being thrifty and not spending more than I needed to-not as thrifty as I thought)

Now he grabs the back dooor to the truck and opens it and jumps in the back seat (remember, the seats fold up out of the way giving you alot of floor space to put groceries) And says "where the heck are the groceries?" If you spent $243.95 you should have more than 1 green box and 2 bags"(did you do the math?)

"What?" (I see to much floor space)
What? (Did I drive to fast? did they slide somewhere?)
There GONE!!!!! Oh I think I'm gonna puke,
Who?(that's just not possible)
How? (I think I'm gonna puke)
When?......AAHHHHH!!!!!! I need to sit down...........Oh, I don't feel so good.

I never really thought much about it, but when I was putting my groceries into the truck I remembered seeing an olvie green mini Van-with blacked out windows (and you know who you are) pull up on the other side of the truck. (and yes it is a shopping parking lot and people are allowed to pull in and park) and when I got back from putting my shopping cart away (had to get my loonie back) I noticed it driving away.

I also remember seeing the head of a man while I was pointing the keys at the truck to lock it and beep the horn. (people do walk between cars to get to theirs)

Never thought to look in the back seat.....why would you......but .......yes ....that dirty bugger stole 3 of my green boxes of groceries.

In the short amount of time it took me to put my cart away, he opened his sliding van door and my UNLOCKED truck door and grabbed the green boxes and I must have scared him off trying to lock it from the cart parking thingy place. So he didn't get them all.

Do you Lock your vehicle when you put your cart away????

Maybe you will now!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reno's verses Build New

I love to do Reno's....

Well actually I just come up with the ideas and Jime has to do them (and sometimes his trusty sidekick Bert, gets wrangled in to helpin).

This story actually started in 2003, when Jime had an accident and it scared the poop outta me.

We were living in the city limits, but just. In a beautiful 1460 sq. ft home, that Jime had built. (He's very good at this sort of thing) On 53 acres of land (not that we did anything with it). I got to thinkin that if something happened to him what the heck would I do with this huge house (all the kids are gone) and this property...... ...... I'm gonna be a "Townie"

So we sold the house and moved to town. (sing the Greeeen Acres song here....)

Well actually, we sold the house and moved in with Bert & Liana.

Sherry and Carter moved into the upstairs of the little house we bought and we started reno's on the basement.

Instead of then, moving them downstairs and doing reno's upstairs before we moved in. We moved in....

Now, the reno's happen, but veeeery slooooowly.

The very 1st one was while Jime was away....(something he was a little afraid of ......everytime he came home he never knew what he would find). I took all the carpet out one day. I just got tired of cleaning it and it never coming I cut it into 2ft squares and there was a nice pile at the back door when He came home.......Whaaaaat!!!!!

This beautiful scene of Hawaii or somewhere....just had to go...thanks for all the help Carter.

I also sanded and mudded the walls (thanks for the insturction Lorne) and then painted them.

For those of you who really know me, know I don't paint. Yaaa me.

It was a big job and took forever to get it off the wall.

The Kitchen was the 1st BIG and major reno....I think I had Jime move the cupboards 4 times. And I don't think he had the same helper twice. But I have promised never to move them again until.....

Notice, behind the cupboard in the corner!!!!! Where the door way USED to be.... hahaha

TA DA!!!!! Pantry

Nice Pantry taking shape

Stove is on the move......not just a simple act of "move it over there"-------wiring!!!!!!!

But notice the laminate flooring???? Used to be indoor-outdoor carpet---uuuggghhh

We had to replace the furnace last year-2008. Thanks Nolan and James

Out with the old .....

And in with the new...

This is the old Bathroom....I'm sorry Holly, but I can't beleive you liked it!!!!

Bathroom-upstairs, 2007
Right down to the bare bones.....had previously leaked...

When you take free never really know what you are getting!!!!!!

And this is the After......
Heated floor and everything....didn't he do an awesome job

Here is a picture of my contractor. Did I mention he is a "SHE"

He he he he , ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho he he he --ho stop my sides hurt!!!!

Just before Christmas, Jime ripped the carpet off the stairs, (I couldn't get it off) and put on the laminate we had left from the kitchen floor. We were 4 pieces short, so we asked Tim and Connie if they had any left from their project. They only had about 4 pieces or so......perfect.

But even as we speak (type). Jime and Jed are upstairs rippin off the trim in the hall way and taking out the hall closet doors in order to make way for the new ones.

Our house seems to always be in an upheavel. (I think it bothers Jime more than me) One day it will all be done. I'm not goin anywhere.

If we could just get the Reno's done before we start redoin the reno's.........Did I mention Jime was thinkin we should knock the wall down between the..........

Lookin' for a Job

Since I had surgery (July /08) I haven't been working.

I have rather enjoyed this, but I am not to be a kept woman any I must find employment. Employment where I will be happy and enjoy my job.(I am to get up, get dressed and out of the house every morning---and this is supposed to make me happy????) Like when does this happen.

Not such an easy thing to do because.......I want to be working in a place that I know the Lord has put me. For a season or a reason. But I want it clear..... (Really, I want it LOUD and clear.)

Well it would appear I'm not so special that I get everything I want. (I know that may come as a surprise to some of you). I have to beg, plead, cry and even scream on occasion to get direction.

I had put about 35 - 40 resumes out there since September /08, and I began a new but part time positon at Lakewood Dental.
Girl friday with reception training so I can relieve for holidays and what ever.

I am that very friendly voice that calls and leaves a message reminding you of your appointment. ( or just letting you know that you haven't been in for 3 years and your mouth must be rotting by now, to say nothing of your breath. So get your butt in here and let us clean your teeth)

Before I got to know any of the last names of my co-workers I had left most of them a message reminding them they needed to make appointments. (They all assured me I had done a very nice job.)

My first practice call was to Jime ( who better to try it out on??) So very professionally I called, reminding him to come in for a checkup, (co-worker gave me a thumbs up and big smile (doing great))
And when he said he didn't know if he would have time (as he was busy playing his guitar). I just said , "Don't mess with me boy and get your butt in here". This of course caused my co-worker's eyes to almost pop out of her head, and then she just bust a gut laughin'.

I made the appointment for the very next day.

Jime wants to buy a 2nd vehicle---nuh uhh

It takes me 4 1/2 minutes to walk from my driveway to work..... How Perfect!!!

I am working at my very own dentist, (to funny) and I work with Brenda Carson (Gould) Steward's sister, who I grew up with. It is a funny world we live in.

The hours I work are abit ---- okay more that a little bit not that great. 1:00-7:00 but that usually is a couple days of 1 week and into a couple of days of the next and then off for 1 week.

Still I would like 1:00-5:00

Once we get everything caught up there I'm sure my hours will be cut back a bit (but always to 7:00) and that's okay as the Lord has opened another door for part time work at another facility.

I did try to shut that door (3 times in fact) and the Lord just kept knockin'. Louder and LOUDER each time. Silly me. WHAT WAS I THINKING.

So that door is now open........Monday-Friday, 8:00-12:00 at Rainbow Lodge and, 1:00-7:00 at Lakewood Dental......(Mental you say...I may agree)

Again it is only a 10:00 minute walk in the other direction to get to Rainbow. And I have so many friends that work there.

The 1st day on the job, I walk in and there is know wife of Denis and they come every friday night to worship.....she is remarried and I don't know her new name.....shame on me.
Anyway, back to my story......she gave me such a big hug and went on and on how glad she was that I was there could I not want to be there. And Linda J. comes over from Parkside every other day and Aires is there and a couple of friends from Quilting even...........Oh happy days.

Okay the one down side is that I only got, 2-4hour days of training. Yeees, you heard me correctly. (or rather read correctly) But I just love the job. It is so "ME"

All the littles ducks need to be in a row and they need to be kept being put into rows...what better for a person that likes her ducks in a row...hehehe

Speaking of Ducks....I bought a pair of gum boots!!!!! Never thought I would need to since we moved from "the farm". Remember when we would all leave our gum boots at the bottom of the driveway so we had them to wear because we couldn't navigate the muddy driveways with our vehicles? Ha ha ha.....Soooo very glad we moved to town.

Okay, so I digress.(?) But I'm back bloggin.........

Friday, January 16, 2009


Look -- What's that? ---- Did you see that? -- 3 circles of light -- Was it a bright light?

NO!!! Your in my sewing room and UFO means Unfinished Object, in this case many unfinished.

My neice Kathy was by Christmas Eve and came into my sewing room and exclaimed, "Wow, look how organized everything is". I of course thought she was being sarcastic (she can be you know) but she was serious. "Man you have alot of fabric, it's like Fabricland in here. (doesn't she know that--she who dies with the most fabric WINS!!!!)
Anyway you don't look up. You look down, on the floor in this corner, or in that box over there. You need what???? I think I have some of that, but I'm not sure which tub to look in.......

Anyone that was at our other house, knows that I had the whole basement for a sewing room as I taught Kids to sew and had quilting classes as well. And Kath was impressed that I got it all down to 1 small bedroom in a 920 square foot house....So am I now that I think about it. (Jime thinks I still have to much stuff---get over it!!!!!!)

Anyway, since I've been out of work. I decided it was long past time to get some of these things finished and Jime's cousin in Kamloops is a quilter and so she does my quilting for me. I figure as long as I have to pay someone to do it, it might as well be her (and she agrees with me)

So from time to time you will see a post called "UFO'S" and it will be another one done.

I got this one finished just as the first snow fell in 2008. Typical timing for me always so far behind I think I'm first. "Leaves are falling"

This wall hanging is called an "Attic Window" and has a matching runner, long enough to fit my side board.

This is "The Nut Cracker" so I thought it only appropriate to start a collection of "Nut Crackers" BECAUSE,(Beth) as you all know, one can never have to many "Collections"

This is my first ever "Christmas Quilt" and in my quilting group(called "The Loose Threads") 13 out of the twenty ladies went in on this "Block Exchange" so what you had to do was make 13 blocks all the same and by a certain date (and anyone that quilts --knows that even 2 the same of anything is pushing it---13????) Then we all exchange blocks and you end up with 12 different blocks and 1 of your own. That is until 3 ladies back out and you end up with 4 of your own (and you would have made the darn quilt smaller by this point instead of making so many blocks.) But in the end doesn't the finished project look awesome!!!! I think so and I just love it....

So all in all, I can say I have had a very productive winter, 2008.

Unfortunately it hasn't even made the slightest dent into the pile of UFO'S (at this point make that noise like a shark is sneakin up on you in the water...da na na na )

This is one that I have had done for years, and put up as part of my decorations every year.

So, until next time.......

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009--wow -- unbefrigginlievable

Another saying of "old people", Boy doesn't time fly.

I'm truly old, because I cannot believe that another year is gone and what a year it was!!!!

Amos & Stephanie, got married Dec 31, 2008. So that was what most of the family did for New Year Celebrations last year.

January 9th, brought the 1st year anniversary of our sisters Muriel's passing. Something we all dealt with in different ways.

January 15th, was the big fire at the Pulp mill, and we were all wondering how badly this would affect our jobs.

February 22, Albert and Liana bought a 2nd house and became "Landlords", so began another "Reno" project. Although this one was done with a lot of love as Ken & Jade were moving into it.

In December they purchased it from Bert & Liana, so now Ken & Jade are 1st time homeowners and the Landlords are no more.

In March my GP, bullied me into having a colonoscopy done, so sent a report to my surgeon. Mostly because I have no medical history (adopted, didn't ya know) and because I'm over 50,

yes sad but true.

Spent a lot of time training, my bosses daughter-in-law for help in the office.

May, I went to the surgeon and was sent for x-rays and scheduled for the "colonoscopy" If you haven't had one done and you have any concerns you should talk with your DR as you have know idea what is lurking in there.

June, the surgeon confirmed that they found a large lump that was almost completely blocking the large intestine, and if this happened then I would literally be full of sh... and that is not a good thing.

July 1st, I got my legs waxed for the very first time!!!! Well.......... I was going in for surgery and would not be able to shower for weeks soooo.....

Surgery happened on July 3rd and went well, they found the lump to be a lypoma (which in our language means fatty mass) although this was a good thing it appears I'm not only fat and lumpy on the outside--but inside too. I was in hospital for a week and when I went home Jody & Jayme came up (thanks Eric) to take care of me, and they did a great job. Friends and family were very gracious to us as they always are in time of need.

The couple of weeks before Jody & Jayme came up, were rather trying for them as they had a black bear rip apart the chicken coup and have a feast, Reo Rafting Resort (up the way from them-hillbilly talk)had a fire and lost all the Resort stuff (spa, sauna,buildings, that kind of stuff) and then a tornado went through the valley??? I know....... there are pictures to prove it. And then....... just the night before Jody was to come up they were helping a young woman leave a "situation" when Eric (who is strapped into his vehicle by his seat belt) gets attacked. Well enough said, needless to say Jody actually needed the break more than coming to take care of me but I'm so glad to have had her. (it gave Sherry a break also) They stayed for a week and then took a side trip on the way home to go the Drummheller so Jayme could go to the Dinosaur Museum.

My brother came a couple times that summer and my Dad & Dorothy came up also. Kyle got up for the wedding of the Century so I had all my family this summer. It was great.

Ken & Jade had a "Medieval Themed Wedding" out at Vivian Lake, and thanks to Liana (& Bert) it truly was the wedding of the Century.(well Carmen & Jeremiah's had done this also --what year?)

This was only one of 3 weddings (3 weekends in a row)

I was scheduled to go back to work by the middle of September and because work was so slow, I was cut back to 3 hours a day. Well I wasn't getting up every morning for that so I told my boss that I would have to be looking for another job. EI even said I didn't need to go back for that, so I've been unemployed since then. So ended my career as receptionist/assistant at that company. I wonder what I will do next????

Laura won a trip for 4, to Disneyland so they left for a week in the beautiful and oh so warm California. A trip of a lifetime, but they want to save up to go again.

October,being cancer awareness month brought us very aware as our Liana had found a lump with her very 1st mammogram and had a biopsy which they found to be cancer and she is now going through some treatment. The day after her biopsy, found her attending my Uncle Steve's funeral as he had passed away the week before. A very sad time for us all round.

November, brought a very scary situation to Jody Eric, and Jayme as they were awakened about 4:00 am with noises outside. To make a very long story short........after an hour or so they managed to shoot one of the 4 grizzles trying to get into their trailer and got into the truck and got .... outta there. Boy do I have a headache.

Eric & Jody, have started to build their cabin but as of yet it isn't ready to move into. Around the 22nd of November, Jime and Kyle both went to help Eric do some work on the cabin to try and get it move in able. Got a bit closer.

December and L & L are going away for the weekend.... see blog-Hockey Mom.

Still have headache, for 3 weeks now, finally go to the Dr and she asks me if I'm under any stress. I tell her I don't think so and then promptly break out in tears... she said that she disagrees with me (go figure)and tells me to go and buy "Robaxacet"(not meant as an ad) And just what the heck is that gonna do, I'm thinkin.... Do I need to find a new Dr??? Has this one "quacked" I buy the robaxacet and whaalaa. Headache is gone. Don't need a new Dr. Just take the muscle relaxant and tension leaves and uuhhhhh! the relief.

Dec 13th, I'm in pain. Nothing like I've felt before. Just under the rib cage on the right. For 5 days I stubbornly suffer. (I really should try to go and see a Dr quicker....what up with that) Go to the Dr and she runs a trillion tests and books me for an ultrasound for the following Monday. Well by now you know the rest of the story----Gallstones!!!! Previous blog.

Dec 20th weekend had Jime & Kyle making another trip (Jody got finished insulating)and this time they got Jayme's loft space all the gyproc up. Closer still.

Dec 30th, and my Dr phones me....... can I come into her office anytime today before noon. What the heck.... It appears that one of the tests she ran came back positive for, H.pylori infection and duodenal ulcer. To you and me that is an infection in the stomach that can, but not always, cause ulcers. So medicine that came to $105.00 should take care of it. Same surgeon will take care of this problem.

Have I said "growing old sucks" ....I did? Oh ya, Well it still does.

I can hardly wait for the "Golden years" and if there is anything left of me I may enjoy them.

Last night, New Year's Eve, had Sherry and some friends over and I became very exhausted watching them play on the Wii Fit and doing the Dance, Dance Revolution (again not meant as an advertisement).

So what will this next year bring???
Well it appears mine will start with more trips to Drs and surgery.

We will have to take it one day at a time just like every other year.

So my prayer is for you all to be Healthy, Happy, and most of all, spend time with family and friends, as they are the most precious gift we have been given.

God Bless us everyone!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gonna Blog----ya sure you are

I had so much fun setting things up to start bloggin' and then life got busy. Well, that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Saturday,December 13th I started not feeling so well but tried to push on, ya know walk it off kinda thing. (so much to get done) But as the day went on it got worse. Cancelled a party I was suppose to go to and went to bed with pain killers instead. Off and on over the next week the pain came and went, almost like a contraction (for those of you that have experienced those) I would rather have a baby everyday of the week than go through this pain to many times. (have I mentioned-getting old sucks)

Anyway, Friday came and I had talked Jime into going away to our oldest daughters for the weekend with Carter and that I was fine. I even went Carolling at church just to prove how fine I was. Saturday morning though I was definitely not feeling so hot, and if I could just hurry the guys out the door (at 5:00am) and get back to bed then I could wake-up next time and I'm sure I would feel fine. Not happening. After doing the china bowl yawn all day Sherry finally convinced me to go to the ER by then I was pretty sure I had dehydrated. Yup, just as Dr. Barb had said dried right out, but still trying to woof.
So after 7 hours of saline and a good drug supply to get me through the next few days, I went back home.
Monday I went to have an ultra sound and it was confirmed by the very nice tech,(off the record of course) that if I wanted to avoid the ER then I should eat very carefully over the holidays as I had gallstones. Apparently over 40 and Fat are 2 prerequisites to growing gallstones, in my case over 50
My Dr informed me that the gallbladder must come out and is sending me back to my surgeon( who I had told I hoped I never had to see him again.)

Now having lost a week, had really put me behind for Christmas as this year everything was homemade. Nighties, quilts x3, aprons for Nana Molly and GG, (which the girls had to do and they did)

and my own Christmas quilt and wall hangings, baking, Nuts 'n' Bolts, how was I ever going to get it done.

Well, got 1 nightie done for Jayme before I got sick (so Jime could take it with him), She loves Dinosaurs--wants to be a paylientologist (?)

Birthday quilt for my niece Dawn, Dec 10th--already behind.

cut out quilts for Mya and Sadie, aaahhhhh. More drugs.

I won a quilt at my quilting group and it was the exact colors that I was making Carters quilt from. (Thank you Lord for that-1 down).

Christmas day I was washing the girls quilts to take to them later that day as we were all eating supper together at Lorne's in-laws. So they were literally hot off the press.
This is Sadie, showing part of the front and part of the back. Pink and Pruple and thats it!!!!

Mya happy as long as it has some blue.

What an awesome time it was to spend together, the part of our family we had with us this year.
See what happens when you don't behave---Jime

Done! (until next year-start all over again) Are ya sorry I'm back bloggin? lol . Remember you came here!!!!

The good thing for me this year is that while you'all have maybe gained weight from to much turkey and baking. I LOST 10 lbs. Woo Hoo (and I'm not going to find it again.!!!!!! )

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hockey Mom

My oldest son and his wife have been married for 10 years. Boy did that ever go by fast, and yet you know it doesn't seem that long ago.
"Oh No"I'm truly an old person---only old people make comments like that.
They went to Calgary to a concert and to visit family, and it was just a few hours after they left that it started to snow here at home. Boy didn't it snow!!!!
The roads were good for them on the way their but not so much comin home.

I was given the great job of taking care of their 2 girls (with the help of their other Grammy) "Would you mind Mom? They have hockey."-----" it's not hockey it's Ringette" as the youngest one continually reminds me. No, I don't mind.
No Problem.

You know both my boys were in hockey, so I know what it's like to get them home from school do homework, eat something (but not to much, or they get stomache cramps),run to the rink at all hours and sit "for hours". Tie up skates, but never tight enough----(thanks for the help Peter) fill the water bottles, try not to breath to deep as you help put on gear (that didn't get aired out) run back to the car for the forgotten stick (thankfully not all the way home) And then find a warm spot to sit on in the hard bleachers. And WAVE, must not forget to wave.
No problem.

Then get them home, fed again, showered (I'm not sure who got wetter, them or me) and into bed as fast as possible because they have school the next day. Then collapse on the sofa. Whew!!!

The experience is not unlike that of having children. You know, the actual giving birth part-----You only remember the JOY, not all the pain.

Would I take care of the girls for you?
No Problem